5 reasons why miraDry is worth it

Excessive underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis) is a condition which can dramatically affect our lives. It’s expected that during puberty, the hormonal changes that occur can affect bodily functions such as perspiration, but usually this will settle over time and in to adulthood. However, new studies have shown that nearly 5 percent of the global population, some 365 million people suffer from excess sweating in adulthood; so not always is it as simple as ‘growing out’ of this condition. At CosmeSurge here in Harley Street, we take these stats incredibly seriously and this is why we have researched and invested in miraDry, a device-led sweat busting procedure which permanently and dramatically reduces excess underarm sweating.

How does miraDry work?

MiraDry uses microwave heat energy alongside cooling technology for minimum discomfort to permanently destroy the sweat glands under your arms. During the treatment, a vacuum suction attachment gently pulls the skin in to the hand piece, bringing the sweat glands closer to the skin’s surface. The microwave energy then gets to work, without damaging surrounding tissues or hurting the skin. Results can be experienced after just one session.

Is miraDry worth it?

We have come up with 5 reasons why miraDry should be on your list of ‘go-to’ treatments, if you suffer with excess underarm sweating, so you can decide if the treatment will help you –

1. It’s permanent – once the sweat glands have been eliminated under the arms, they aren’t coming back! This means you can enjoy a permanent and dramatic reduction in underarm sweating, with no repeat or ongoing visits to the clinic for this procedure.

2. It’s cost-effective – if you suffer with hyperhidrosis, you could end up spending thousands of pounds each year, replacing or maintaining clothing which may be damaged by excess sweating. Repetitive treatments such as Botox or alternative therapies can also end up costing a fortune if they are ongoing. MiraDry is usually a one-time treatment and can slash the costs you incur when dealing with hyperhidrosis symptoms and the after effects.

3. It’s non-invasive – miraDry offers a non-surgical, no-needle therapy with no downtime, no side-effects and no overnight hospital stays. If you’re seeking a permanent-yet-simple solution to your excess underarm sweating, miraDry is the obvious choice.

4. It acts fast – miraDry is a fast acting treatment as it eliminates the sweat glands on contact. This means you don’t have to wait days or even weeks for results to happen. You’ll see and feel the difference immediately afterwards and can go on with your day and no one will know you have had anything done!

5. It’s life-changing – excess sweating can be a debilitating condition, affecting confidence, wellbeing, personal and romantic relationships and our every-day work and leisure activities. MiraDry offers a simple, effective, fast and permanent solution which can offer life-changing results for those who have suffered with hyperhidrosis for many years. If you experience excess sweating and have had enough of having the condition rule your life, it’s time to take action, with miraDry!

MiraDry not only gets rid of excess underarm sweating, it can increase your confidence, improve your everyday life and give you the freedom you deserve. Contact our team of specialists to book a no obligation consultation here at CosmeSurge, and take that first step to living a fuller, happier life; no sweat!

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