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Located in the heart of Harley Street, CosmeSurge is a state of the art aesthetic clinic with private operating facilities specialising in advanced rejuvenation.

For the discerning client seeking a discrete boutique experience, our private clinic offers the latest in advanced aesthetic treatments and procedures. Our carefully selected consultants are renowned authorities in their respective fields, enabling you to be treated by industry leading experts with the reassurance of the highest standard of patient care in our facilities.

The CosmeSurge treatment portfolio offers clients a multitude of advanced rejuvenation solutions. Non-surgical procedures range from; dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxing treatments, chemical skin peels, micro-needling, to advanced light therapy, fat freezing and stem cell therapy. Surgical procedures include breast lift, augmentation or reduction, liposuction, body sculpting, vaginal rejuvenation (surgical and non-surgical), abdominoplasty, blepharoplasty and ear correction. In addition, CosmeSurge offer specialist services including hormone therapy, genetics and nutrition for both women and men.

Our purpose built Care Quality Commission (CQC) accredited facilities include onsite operating theatres for both surgical and cosmetic procedures with a General Aesthetic and sedation recovery room, as well as full nursing care for surgical and non-surgical procedure.


Making an appointment is a quick and easy process and can be achieved by contacting us on any of the following: 020 7436 1300 bookings@cosmesurge.co.uk or using our simple online form.

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CosmeSurge is part of the Emirates Healthcare Company and NMC Healthcare Group


Since its inception in 1998, CosmeSurge has been has been treating patients from around the world in state-of-the-art facilities helping individuals live up to their aesthetic aspirations while guaranteeing excellent medical outcomes. Established in 13 locations in the Middle East, CosmeSurge is known for its high quality service, privacy and quality and is one of the most trusted names in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine.

NMC Healthcare is one of the UAE’s largest healthcare providers, and the healthcare division operates an extended portfolio of hospitals, day surgery centres, clinics and pharmacies across the UAE. The brand is considered synonymous with the provision of reliable and high-quality healthcare services.

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Calecim Multi Action Cream
Calecim Hydration
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Cosmesruge is part of the Emirates Healthcare Company, if you are interested in joining either our permanent or bank team at Cosmesurge UK, please complete the attached, upload your CV and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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