The first skin deep Rejuvenation Laser guided by your pulse, BYONIK®laser-light skin rejuvenation stimulates age-weakened cells with a laser which releases energy into the skin, regenerating the skin cells and preserving the telomeres, thereby extending the life of the cell and integrity of the skin. Pain free and with no downtime, this non-invasive red and near-infrared laser light treatment transfers energy to all layers of the skin simultaneously allowing key anti-oxidants to enter the skin cells directly and activate the skin cell rejuvenation process.  The BYONIK® three-step procedure to ‘power up’ each individual skin cell maximises the skin’s regenerative capacity and slows down the cellular ageing process.  

C-PIN rejuvenation

The next generation micro-needling, Collagen P.I.N. activates cellular regeneration to help tighten and lift skin, while minimising common skin problems such as acne scars, fine lines, photo-aging, dull skin, poor texture, stretch marks and body scars. Collagen P.I.N. (Percutaneous Induction Needling) is a method of introducing a controlled wound into the skin triggering a release of natural growth factors, new collagen & elastin offering incredible results without the pain and downtime. 


Scientifically known as cyrolipolysis, Coolsculpting® works by freezing and destroying fat cells and is an FDA approved non-surgical treatment that works on those hard to shift bulges that a healthy diet and exercise alone can’t fix. Using technology to deliver controlled cooling to target fat cells underneath the skin, the cells are crystalised (frozen) then naturally eliminated from the body via the circulation and the lymphatic drainage system. Suitable for both men and women, Coolsculpting® can be customised to treat individual concerns from the neck down to the knees with minimal to no downtime.

Dermal Fillers

As we age, our skin naturally loses volume and elasticity and dermal fillers are an effective, minimally invasive treatment to target these signs of ageing. At CosmeSurge, we only use the leading dermal filler brands which have excellent safety records and deliver outstanding results. If you are looking to regain volume and achieve a more youthful complexion without the need for surgery, dermal fillers can be the perfect solution to soften wrinkles and fine lines on the face. They are also sometimes used to fill out hollow areas to achieve a fresher, more contoured appearance. Our expert doctors and surgeons treat the complete face (lips, cheeks, temples, mid face, jawline, etc) and décolletage area utilising the latest dermal innovation and techniques to restore volume and improve hydration as well as specialist areas such as the tear troughs and non-surgical rhinoplasty.


Dermalux® LED Phototherapy is the leading, non-invasive treatment that harnesses the power and beauty of light for visibly radiant, rejuvenated and refined skin. This treatment harnesses the rejuvenating benefits of light therapy, whilst avoiding the adverse effects associated with sunlight. Dermalux® provides controlled exposure at a specific depth to red, blue and near infrared light which are clinically proven to be beneficial to the body by energising cellular repair to treat a whole range of common skin concerns including: wrinkles, acne and uneven pigmentation. After just one treatment, Dermalux® instantly energises skin cells to revitalise a dull and tired complexion. A course of treatment offers long lasting results, stimulating the skin’s natural rejuvenation and repair processes to promote healthy looking skin, accelerate cell renewal and resolve a range of skin concerns. Dermalux® is a pain free treatment and can be used on all skin types. 

Epionce Light Skin Peel 

The Epionce Light skin peel is a professional facial treatment that helps stimulate cell turnover, refresh the skin and accelerate the healing process. Infused with botanical extracts that reduce the visible appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture and hyperpigmentation, skin is left smoother, clearer and more radiant with minimal downtime. Suitable for all skin types.

HIFU Skin Tightening

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a non-invasive micro-focused ultrasound device which treats with optimal speed, comfort and efficacy for collagen stimulation and subcutaneous fat reduction. With precision per shot pulse, HIFU-powered transducers are designed to either remodel collagen to remove facial wrinkles and sagging skin or lift and tighten body tissues to contour and is ideal for spot treating small areas of fat for extra body contouring. Ideal for a non-surgical face and neck lift, abdominal skin tightening and outer thigh reduction, body tightening results can be seen from a single treatment and with no need for incisions, anaesthetic or recovery. HIFU complies with both clinical and international regulatory standards to assure safe and effective procedures for lifting and tightening the face as well as slimming and tightening the contours of the body Skin tightening

miraDry® Fresh

A safe, clinically proven, non-invasive procedure, miraDry® Fresh uses electromagnetic energy which is delivered to the skin using a specially designed handpiece. The energy is carefully targeted to the area where the sweat glands are found and eliminates them. The sweat glands do not grow back, so the procedure gives a long-lasting reduction in sweat and miraDry® Fresh is the only procedure that provides permanent results without surgery. The reduction in sweating is immediate and dramatic; in clinical trials, patients experienced an average 82% reduction in sweat. In clinical trials over 90% of patients are satisfied with the reduction in both sweat and odour that can be achieved following miraDry® Fresh treatment.

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PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

PRP, short for Platelet-Rich Plasma, is one of the latest, most innovative cosmetic treatments introduced to the market. Largely used to treat injuries in the medical field, the procedure has rejuvenating qualities which can help you to achieve a more youthful, radiant complexion. PRP is a minimally invasive technique, provided in injection form and is sometimes known as the vampire facial. PRP harnesses the body’s unique ability to heal and regenerate; platelet rich plasma contains a high concentration of growth factors that kickstart cellular repair and collagen production, resulting in a smoother, more radiant complexion. A small amount of blood is taken from the patient and, from there, it is placed into a centrifuge where it is spun to separate the growth factors, stem cells and platelets from the blood. Once separated, the rejuvenated platelets are micro-injected into the areas to be targeted.


Unison is the only FDA approved device that treats all 5 causes of cellulite with no downtime. Using the revolutionary combination of two proven and effective technologies – radio frequency and shockwave massage, Unison is a safe and effective alternative to invasive procedures that are currently available such as liposuction. Unison treatment modalities are proven over many years for different applications such a skin tightening on the face and body contouring resulting in many positive clinical peer reviewed studies.

Vaginal Tightening (non-surgical)

ThermiVa® is a temperature controlled RF (radiofrequency) energy emission device which gently heats tissue for the treatment of vulvovaginal laxity with little to no discomfort and minimal downtime. The RF disposable hand electrode is designed to treat internal and external tissues comfortably and over 55 000 ThermiVa® applications have been performed worldwide to date.

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

Botulinum toxin is the most popular non-surgical procedure carried out to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Botulinum toxin is injected into affected areas, relaxing the muscles to smooth out wrinkles. The latest Botulinum toxin techniques ensure final results are natural and virtually undetectable and you will appear subtly refreshed and rejuvenated, while still retaining natural expression. Botulinum toxin is a temporary treatment, typically lasting from four to six months, depending on the patient’s individual response and where it is injected.