CoolSculpting FAQs

CoolSculpting FAQs

Excess fat is something lots of us find hard to shift, even if we exercise regularly and eat healthily. At CosmeSurge in Harley Street in London, we offer CoolSculpting®, a revolutionary and highly-effective fat freezing procedure which doesn’t involve invasive surgery or an overnight hospital stay. In fact, CoolSculpting® is a walk-in walk-out procedure with no anaesthetic, no downtime; whilst offering superb results.

To help you learn more about CoolSculpting®, here are some frequently asked questions that we get from our patients here at CosmeSurge, this FDA-approved and clinically-proven device.

How does CoolSculpting® work?

CoolSculpting® utilises a fat-freezing technique called cryolipolysis. The device works by placing an area of subcutaneous fat in to two, hand-held panels which cool the fat to a temperature of around minus 5 degrees. This freezing action cools and destroys the fat cells, which are then excreted, naturally, through the liver in the weeks that follow the procedure. The FDA-approved CoolSculpting® technology offers a controlled cooling mechanism which is targeted to the fat cells and will not damage surrounding tissues.

How do I know I am suitable for CoolSculpting®?

Most people who are not clinically obese, but who have pinchable areas of subcutaneous fat around the hips, thighs, waist, flanks, upper arms and chest (men only) can benefit from a CoolSculpting® treatment. However, before we proceed with any non-surgical treatment here at CosmeSurge, we ask that you attend a no obligation consultation so that we can make sure you are medically fit and well and also that you will benefit from the treatment.

How long does a fat freezing treatment take?

A CoolSculpting® treatment takes around an hour for each area and you may even see results immediately. For some of our patients, a second treatment may be required for optimum results. CoolSculpting® can permanently remove around 25% of the unwanted fat cells in any chosen area, per treatment.

Will CoolSculpting® work if I am clinically obese?

It’s important to remember that although those who have areas of pinchable fat will most-likely benefit hugely a from CoolSculpting® treatment, it will not however be affective on visceral fat (fat surrounding the organs) and is not recommended for those who are overweight by more than 30 pounds (of their ideal weight).

CoolSculpting® is perfect for those who have undergone a weight management course and reached a weight within the 30 pounds threshold and would like to sculpt their body and speed up further weight loss. CoolSculpting® should always be combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle to maintain results.

Does CoolSculpting® hurt?

CoolSculpting® is not a painful procedure and there is no anaesthetic needed beforehand. You may however, experience some slight tenderness in the treatment area for up to a week afterwards.

Is there any downtime after CoolSculpting®?

There is no downtime following a CoolSculpting® procedure, as it is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment. You can return back to your daily activities immediately with no side-effects or need for a recuperation period.

We can answer any questions you have about fat freezing at Cosmesurge

Contact our London clinic today for any queries about CoolSculpting, or why not visit us for a no-obligation consultation consultation?

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