Many of us want to keep a slim, toned physique. As we get older, maintaining this can take more than a healthy diet and regular exercise regime. As our metabolism slows down, annoying, stubborn pockets of fat can appear in those tell-tale areas and can become more difficult to shift, no matter how hard we try to eat well and stay active. Here at CosmeSurge in Harley Street, we understand that you work hard to stay fit, healthy and slim and we are proud offer a revolutionary, clinically-proven solution for those hard to budge bulges.

CoolSculpting® is an FDA approved, pain-free and non-surgical treatment for the permanent reduction of localised fat on the face and the body. CoolSculpting® technology (cryolipolysis) uses a controlled cooling, hand-held device to freeze and eliminate, targeted and unwanted fat cells without invasive surgery or downtime.

This technology can effectively treat subcutaneous fat in the following areas:

• Upper and lower tummy
• Inner and outer thighs
• Flanks (muffin tops)
• Buttocks
• Chest (men)
• Upper arms
• Double chin

Who is suitable for CoolSculpting®?
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