HIFU non-surgical face lifting

Facial ageing can present itself in different ways. The skin’s laxity, tone and texture can all be affected by the natural ageing process as well as factors such as environmental damage and lifestyle choices. The depletion of collagen, elastin, bone and tissue loss can lead to facial sagging, jowls and a more square facial appearance as the skin starts to move southwards.

At CosmeSurge in Harley Street, London, we offer HIFU skin tightening as one of our most innovative and effective device-led, in-clinic treatments to offer highly-effective, long-term results for facial ageing and sun-damaged skin.

How does a HIFU treatment work?
Am I suitable for HIFU skin tightening?
What happens during a HIFU treatment?
Is a HIFU treatment painful?
When will I see the results of HIFU?
How long will the results last?

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