Is MiraDry safe?
miradry is it safe

Is miraDry safe?: Excessive underarm perspiration, otherwise known as hyperhidrosis can be an embarrassing problem. It usually starts during the hormonal changes we go through during puberty and tends to deplete over time.

However, for some, hyperhidrosis can continue into adulthood and can have a debilitating effect on many aspects of life; from damaging clothing to affecting personal relationships. There are some remedies on the market, such as strong antiperspirants which although mildly affective, are not permanent and can irritate and damage the skin due to the chemicals they contain. Botox injections can be temporarily effective, however, these can be immensely painful and again, are not a permanent solution to the issue.

MiraDry is a highly-effective, revolutionary non-invasive procedure that we offer here at CosmeSurge here at our clinic in Harley Street; the heart of London’s cosmetic surgery district. It’s a permanent solution to excessive sweating in the underarm area and is proving incredibly popular with our patients. MiraDry uses microwave heat energy to target and destroy the sweat glands beneath the skin and to eradicate underarm sweat for good. It can offer immediate results in just one treatment and is cost-effective, compared to regular Botox treatments or expensive trips to the shops to replace damaged clothing.

But is miraDry safe?

MiraDry was cleared by the US FDA in 2011 and CE-marked in Europe to treat axillary hyperhidrosis under the arms. It was also FDA cleared in 2015 to be used on skin of all colours and to destroy odour glands, which are different to sweat glands. It’s now available in 50 countries worldwide and here at CosmeSurge, we would not bring on any device or piece of equipment without these industry standards and approvals as well as the history of excellence that miraDry offers.

You may also be wondering about how miraDry works and that to be healthy, surely we need to sweat, in order to maintain a healthy body temperature. To put things in perspective however, it’s worth knowing that we have over 2 million sweat glands all over the body with only 2% of these located in the underarms. Therefore, the normal sweat function of the body to maintain health and to regulate body temperatures is not affected by having a miraDry treatment. You will still be able to naturally perspire, just not excessively from the underarms.

Does miraDry hurt?

As microwave heat energy is used for this treatment, there is an element of discomfort. However, we would always apply a topical anaesthetic cream prior to the treatment, so any unpleasant sensations are minimised. If you are particularly sensitive, we can offer an injectable anaesthetic to completely numb the area prior to a treatment taking place.

We aim to make your experience as comfortable as possible here at CosmeSurge and will advise you on all aspects of the miraDry procedure in a no-obligation pre-treatment consultation, so you have all the necessary information possible, prior to your miraDry session. One of the most common questions we are asked is ‘does miraDry hurt?’ and we can answer that and more for you at consultation.

MiraDry in London at Cosmesurge

MiraDry is being used all over the world to literally change the lives of thousands of men and women. Excessive sweating can be a thing of the past with this superb technology and here at CosmeSurge, we couldn’t recommend it enough.

Contact us today to discover more, or to book a no-obligation consultation.

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