MiraDry FAQs

miraDry FAQs

If you experience excess underarm sweating you’ll know that it can be an embarrassing and life-hindering issue. Excess sweating usually begins with the hormonal changes during puberty and in most cases, people experience it less and less as they come into adulthood. However, if you’re one of many people for whom excess sweating has continued into your adult life, you might have heard about a permanent, device-led treatment that is available here at CosmeSurge in Harley Street.

The treatment is called MiraDry and it’s taking the aesthetic and medical world by storm due to the life-changing results it offers. We have the latest miraDry technology, called miraDry Fresh, to provide our patients with the best possible outcomes.

What exactly is miraDry and what can it do for you?

Here are some common FAQs we hear at CosmeSurge, so that you can make an informed decision on whether it might be the right treatment for you.

What is miraDry?

miraDry is a clinically-proven, non-surgical procedure that uses microwave energy to specifically target and permanently eliminate sweat and odour glands from under the arms.

How do I know I am suitable for miraDry?

The miraDry treatment is suitable for most people who are over the age of 18 and are experiencing adult excess sweating. However, at our CosmeSurge clinic in London, we will initially request that you attend a no obligation consultation so we can check your medical history and discuss whether you are fit, well and suitable for the miraDry treatment.

What happens during a miraDry treatment?

During the treatment, a vacuum suction hand piece sucks the sweat glands closer to the skin’s surface. The thermal, microwave energy is delivered in to the skin, reaching the sweat glands and destroying them, without damaging the surrounding tissues. As the sweat glands are permanently eliminated, you will no longer experience underarm wetness after the treatment.

There are 3 steps to the miraDry procedure:

1. The area to be treated is numbed with a local anaesthetic ointment. This takes around 30 minutes to activate.

2. When you are numb, the miraDry handpiece can be placed on your underarm and a vacuum suction action brings the sweat glands closer to the surface in order to protect the underlying tissues. The non-invasive, microwave thermal energy then heats the skin and penetrates in to the sweat glands, causing their elimination.

3. The cooling system regulates the temperature of the skin and keeps the heat energy at the targeted area only, during the treatment. The sweat glands are quickly and simply eliminated with minimal discomfort.

Does miraDry hurt?

Before the treatment, a topical anaesthetic will be applied, to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Along with the topical numbing cream, the miraDry device itself has a special cooling system which also protects the skin and minimises any discomfort throughout the procedure.

Is miraDry safe?

You may be thinking about how miraDry works and that to be healthy, surely you need to sweat in order to maintain a healthy body temperature. However, to put things in perspective, we have over 2 million sweat glands all over the body with only 2% of these located in the underarms. Therefore, you will still be able to naturally perspire if you have the miraDry treatment.

miraDry has been proven to be safe and is FDA-approved, so you can rest-assured that you will be receiving the very best treatment, governed by safe and regulated technology.

How much of a result will I experience after miraDry?

Results vary somewhat from patient to patient. However, you can expect to see a dramatic and permanent reduction in your underarm perspiration with miraDry, due to the efficacy of this treatment. In a recent clinical trial, the reduction in underarm sweat averaged 82%. Most patients will experience a noticeable difference immediately after a miraDry treatment, however, this can also vary from patient to patient.

We will invite you to return to the clinic for a post-treatment assessment, around 2 weeks after the procedure as this should be when optimum results are experienced.

Why should I choose miraDry? – a summary

• miraDry offers a dramatic and permanent reduction of excess underarm sweating (82% average reduction in clinical tests).

• The results from miraDry can be experienced after only 1 treatment and in many cases, is immediate.

• miraDry does not need to be repeated year on year – the sweat glands are eliminated and will not grow back over time.

• miraDry is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure. Is has FDA approval for axillary hyperhidrosis, meaning it has a superior safety record.

• miraDry is a quick treatment which results in little-to-no downtime. It is toxin-free and no needles are involved in the treatment.

• miraDry will not stop the body from successfully regulating heat. Only 2% of the body’s sweat glands are located in the underarms, so you will still be able to naturally perspire as normal.

miraDry London clinic – Visit us at Cosmesurge

For more information on miraDry Fresh treatment, or to book a no-obligation consultation with one of our miraDry experts, contact the Cosmesurge team today. We look forward to helping you on a journey to less sweat!

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