Our Genetics procedures

CosmeSurge offer a complete body screening service and suite of genetic tests overseen by the renowned Dr Anand Saggar, Clinical Geneticist. These cutting-edge tests enable the management of inherited diseases and well as insight into genetic predisposition. These include; GenScan® which is currently the most comprehensive genetic test in the world, analysing more than three hundred genetic mutations which influence the occurrence of more than twenty diseases as well as additional specialist.

GenScan® is currently the most comprehensive scan the world, which acts as a virtual scan of your body, providing you with information such as how your genes work, what foods they like best and how you can ensure that they continue to function the way nature intended. As a virtual scan, GenScan also informs you of your risk of developing over 23 different diseases and further tells you how to ensure that you remain protected.

TromboGen® gives you the knowledge of whether or not you are at risk of developing thrombosis which enables you to take simple preventative measures. Identifying an increased risk of thrombosis is based on the detection of genes that have been shown to disrupt the balance in the formation and dissolution of blood clots. These are cases where the body produces a larger amount of substances causing blood coagulation. Our TromboGen® genetic analysis tells you if you have a mutation in one or more of such genes, namely gene Factor V Leiden, gene Factor II Prothrombin and gene MTHFR. The results of TromboGen gives you the knowledge of whether or not you are at risk of developing thrombosis. This enables you to take preventative measures to prevent or mitigate your chances of developing thrombosis and other related diseases.

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