The science of miraDry

Excess underarm perspiration can be a problem for around 1 in 20 people around the world. If you experience this condition you will know that it can affect your daily life in so many ways, from the clothing you choose to social situations and personal relationships.

At CosmeSurge on London’s renowned Harley Street, we offer a revolutionary, fast and permanent solution to excessive underarm sweating which can be life-enhancing.

This treatment is called miraDry.

What is miraDry?

miraDry is a clinical, non-surgical procedure that utilises microwave energy to target and eliminate the sweat glands, permanently.

There are 3 steps to the miraDry procedure

1. Your underarm is numbed with a local anaesthetic cream.

2. The miraDry handpiece is then placed on your underarm and a vacuum suction action brings the sweat glands closer to the surface in order to protect the underlying tissues. A non-invasive thermal energy then heats the skin and penetrates the sweat glands, causing their degradation and removal.

3. At the same time, a cooling system regulates the temperature of the skin and keeps the heat energy at the targeted area only. The sweat glands are quickly and simply eliminated with minimal discomfort.

Why choose miraDry?

• miraDry offers a dramatic reduction of excess underarm sweating (82% average reduction in clinical tests)
• Results can be experienced after only 1 treatment and are immediate and permanent.
• miraDry does not need to be repeated year on year – the sweat glands are eliminated and will not grow back over time.
• miraDry is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure and is FDA approved for axillary hyperhidrosis, meaning it has a superior safety record.
• miraDry is a quick treatment with little to no downtime. It is toxin free and no needles are involved.
• miraDry will not stop the body from regulating heat. We have over 2 million sweat glands throughout the body with only 2% located in the underarms, so you will still be able to naturally perspire as normal.

The miraDry treatment is suitable for most people, however, at CosmeSurge, we will always ask you to attend a no-obligation consultation to check your medical history and discuss whether you are fit, well and able to have the treatment.

Contact Cosmesurge to start your sweat-free journey

If you want to kick excess sweating in to touch once and for all, why not book a consultation to see if you are suitable? And take that step to a more confident you, for good!

Contact us today to discuss miraDry.

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