What is MiraDry?

What is MiraDry?  Excess sweating can be an embarrassing issue for around 1 in 20 people around the globe.

It can start during puberty and in many cases will reduce or even stop after such time. However, excess sweating or hyperhidrosis can continue into adulthood and cause problems in every- day life for those who experience it.

Other factors such as stress, diet and environmental causes can exacerbate this issue. It can be an uphill struggle to choose the right type of clothing and confidence with personal relationships can be hugely affected by this condition. Many deodorants and antiperspirants just don’t seem to cut it when it comes to this condition and it can become a life-hindering problem if it isn’t addressed.

Here CosmeSurge on Harley Street in the heart of London, an innovative, non-surgical and FDA approved treatment using a special device is now available and our patients are experiencing astounding, permanent results in combatting their excess sweating.

MiraDry is a clinical, non-surgical device that uses microwave energy to target and eliminate sweat and odour glands from the armpits.

The MiraDry procedure

A vacuum suction handpiece brings the sweat glands closer to the skin’s surface and then thermal energy is delivered in to the skin, permanently eliminating said offending glands, so you no longer experience underarm wetness.

It may sound a little scary but before the treatment, a topical anaesthetic can be applied, to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. Along with a numbing ointment, the device itself has a special cooling system which protects the skin and minimises any discomfort throughout the procedure.

Is MiraDry safe?

You may be wondering if miraDry is safe and thinking that to be healthy, surely you need to sweat. After all, sweating is how the body regulates temperature, right?

MiraDry is perfectly safe and FDA approved and to put things in perspective, we have over 2 million sweat glands throughout the body with only 2% located in the underarms. Therefore, you will still be able to naturally perspire when your body needs to, in order to regulate healthy body temperature.

MiraDry results

Most patients have experienced a dramatic and permanent reduction in their underarm perspiration with miraDry and in a recent clinical trial, this reduction averaged 82%. Not bad for those who are really struggling with everyday activities due to their excess sweating.

Many patients will experience a noticeable difference immediately after treatment. However, results can vary from patient to patient. For most, only one treatment is required with miraDry but we would always invite you back for a follow-up appointment to see if a top-up may be required.

If you can no longer put up with your excessive sweating and have tried all you can, miraDry could be your solution to this common problem.

MiraDry in London at CosmeSurge, Harley Street

For more information on MiraDry, or to book a no-obligation consultation, contact us today and start your journey towards being sweat-free!

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